Information for Funeral Directors


My Angel is New Zealand’s largest supplier of cremation jewellery.


We have many ongoing relatiionships with funeral homes across Aotearoa providing quality cremation urns and jewellery with friendly service.

You can offer your grieving families cremation keepsakes knowing it is backed up by the service we give you.


We offer you:

  • A discount rate on our retail prices of jewellery, chains and some urns
  • Overnight supply of items that are active and in stock on the website
  • 20th of the month accounts – no payment required at time of order
  • Easy ordering – call us, email us or order through the website
  • Returns, refund and exchanges – our mission is to provide the best service to you so you can provide the best service to your families


What it means for you:

  • Add value to your business by providing cremation keepsakes
  • No investment in stock or equipment required
  • You know the items provided are backed by a kiwi company who wants to provide the best service to you
  • Be remembered and respected by your families for providing extra after care service 


Many funeral directors purchase a range of stock from us to have on hand to show their families. If you have purchased items to have in stock and they are not selling, for whatever reason, simply return them to swap for an item you think will suit better! Your business grows, our business grows – it is that simple! 


In you are interested in providing your families with beautiful memorial cremation jewellery or quality unique urns, please contact us via email at or call us on 0221871077.